GP technology

  • vývoj a projekcia dopravníkových systémov, strojov a technických riešení.
  • inštalácia výrobných liniek a technologických celkov primárne v potravinárskom priemysle.

The production and assembly of conveyor systems

  • product conveyors
  • group packaging conveyors
  • pallet conveyors
  • storage tables
  • pressure less sorting tables
  • air bottle conveyors

The installation, service, disassembly and assembly of food production lines and equipment

  • installation of production lines and technological units
  • installation and commissioning of new equipment in production lines;
  • adjustment of production lines
  • construction and assembly of small structures made of stainless steel and steel
  • inspection systems for detection of non-conforming product and its rejection

The design and installation of electrical switchboards

  • complex design and production of PLC control switchboards
  • review and inspection of switchboards

The design and manufacture of palletizing equipment

  • design and manufacture of palletizing equipment according to the customer’s requirements
  • design and manufacture of pallet manipulators
  • design and manufacture of pallet lifting systems, pallet elevators

Service and production of recycling equipment

  • equipment for unpacking compressed
  • PET packages PET bottle crushing device

Programming the PLC control

  • design and implementation of process control systems based on B&R Aprol
  • programming of PLC control systems (B&R, Simatic, Allen Bradley and others)